LiFe-Cells Receiver battery LiFe 2/2900 6.6V JR.


Receiver battery LiFe 2/2900 6.6V JR.

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Receiver battery LiFe 2/500 6.6V JR.

Receiver battery LiFe 2/3400 20C 6.6V JR.

Use instead of 5 NiMH cells or with PRX-5A. On/off switch with regulated output voltage 5.1 V, 5.5 V or 5.9 V order no. 4136.
Dimensions approx. 86 x 28 x 31 mm.
Approx. weight 143 g.


Dimensions (LxWxH)86 x 28 x 31 mm
All-up weight, approx.143 g
Artikelbezeichnung LayoutBoxLiFe 2/2900 6.6 V receiver battery, JR connector 
Artikelbild 17672.2_LiFe_2_2900_001 
Type of battery for selectionGRAUPNER 2/2900 
Capacity2900 mAh
Voltage6,6 V
Plug connectorJR 
Rechargeableschnell und normal