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WP 330X Quad Flyer

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This quadrocopter is the ideal starter size, from beginner to advanced pilot. The various setting options of the stabilisation system mean that the model can offer everything from docile to agile flight. Depending on the battery used, you can load up to 500 g, which opens up many different applications, such as aerial photos, night flight, and other things. For flight operations, all you need is a remote control and the drive battery: The duration of flight will depend upon the size of the batteries.
Working with quadrocopters represents an increased hazard and requires particular attention - see instructions.

  • Brushless drive via 4x GUEC GM-412 BL motors with 960 KV
  • Controlled via 4x GUEC GE-010 controllers with 10 A
  • Quad Flyer Gyro GUEC GU-344 stabilisation system via 3 axes
  • Drive battery 2S - 3S LiPo
  • Diameter measured over the motor axes 330 mm


All-up weight, approx.1100 g
Empty weight approx.560 g

RC functions

  • Climbing and diving
  • Pitch axis
  • Roll
  • Yaw
  • (Functions controlled via electronic speed control of the rotors)