Sailwinch Segelwinde Regatta ECO II


Segelwinde Regatta ECO II

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Segelwinde Regatta Eco Speed

Segelwinde Regatta II

The Regatta Eco II sail winch is the successor to the affordable and proven REGATTA Eco sail winch. Suitable for use in small to medium-sized model sail yachts.

  • Sturdy plastic gear
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Splashproof


Dimensions (LxWxH)40,6 x 20 x 38.9 mm
Operating voltage 4,8...7,2 V
Angular travel incl. trim, approx. 6 U ?
All-up weight, approx.56 g
No-load current drain, approx. 300..350 mA
Torque at 6.0V, approx.93 N/cm
Torque at 7.4V, approx. 107 N/cm
Transit speed at 6.0 V, approx. 0,08 (ohne Last) Sek/40?
Transit speed at 7.4V, approx. 0,06 (ohne Last) Sek/40?
Charging rate 2500..3300 mA