Pre-fabricated models for two-axle control


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Artikelbezeichnung 1 UPOSWP DANDY III ARTF 
Wingspan approx.1600 mm
Artikelbild 19502_Dandy_III_002 
Artikelbild 29502_Dandy_III_004 
Artikelbild 39502_Dandy_III_007 
Artikelbild 49502_Dandy_III_022 
Artikeltext 1 (Fliesstext)The beginner’s model from the 1960s is now available as an almost-ready-to-fly model. The dimensions and paint scheme of the model were taken over from the original DANDY of 1968. Thanks to its low weight, the model has very good thermal soaring flight characteristics. The two-section fixed wings are fastened to the fuselage by means of rubber bands. Batteries can be changed easily by removing the cockpit canopy. With the components shown, the electric version with motor mount can easily make flights lasting hours, even without thermal lift. 
Artikeltext 2 (Fliesstext)The model is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
Anyone under 14 years of age operating the model must be supervised by a parent.
Tailplane area 7,0 dm²
Empf. VK149,95 
Wing loading ca. 27,2 g/dm²
Total surface area, approx. 34,8 dm²
All-up weight, approx.950 g
Overall length, approx.975 mm
Legende Artikelbild 1The figure shows the assembled model 
Legende Artikelbild 4The DANDY model flying past at high speed 
Legende Dokument 1Assembly Instructions 
Wing area 27,8 dm²
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