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new product for 2010 now available with visualised building instructions

The ELEKTRO-ROOKIE S, Order No. 4218, is one of our new products for 2010. It consists of GRAUPNER Solidpor® high-density foam components, and is available with immediate effect from model shops.

The Rookie S forms the perfect beginner’s model, with its robust design, its superbly docile flying qualities and the high-performance, low-maintenance brushless motor included in the kit. Its two-part wings (with CFRP spar) and removable tailplane ensure compact dimensions for transport purposes. The model is controlled using the RC functions rudder, elevator and throttle. A set of visualised building instructions can be called up at our website at no cost.

For more information about the new GRAUPNER ROOKIE S please refer to our current 2010 New Items catalogue, which you can obtain from any model shop; it is also available from www.graupner.de for downloading.